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Aye, Link Policies

How ye works?
At present there be three forms o' advertising on these pages!

Ahoy, we will ad'ertise your site for free pro'ided it follows our Aup (Acceptable Use Policy) for usefulness and is a relati'e site for this archi'e and all o' our visitors; we want t' include all the best sites on the Internet har, you do not have t' link back t' us on a free listin' and your link can appear on any page under a relevant category subject t' our users votes for your site, the more net citizens that vote for your site on tis' content the higher up the listin's you will appear, thar is no reciprocal link exchange as such and users will be sent t' your site via a script and we will send you traffic only. A pence for an old man o'de sea?

Link Partner:
Aye, a link partners listin' is exactly that, shiver me timbers! We have listed your site and you point back t' us somewhar on yours, your listin' will appear in bold anywhar within the category you have selected, we direct link back t' your site on the basis o' a reciprocal link exchange, you site must still follow our (Acceptable Use Policy) and will still be subject t' user votin', and again if net citizens find your site useful they will vote for you which means your site can appear anywhar between the top and bottom o' the Relevant Listin's.

Page Sponsor:
Yarr, you can sponsor any page on the site, in this respect you become the owner o' that page for a prepayment period, thar is a maximum o' two sponsors per page, all sponsor listin's always appear at the top o' the page in a bold table, we directly link back t' you and you do not need t' link back t' us on any reciprocal link exchange, a sponsor is not subject t' the votin' system and your advert will always appear at the top regardless. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?

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